Ravioli maker B90

Table double sheet ravioli maker with interchangeable moulds. This machine can make various types of ravioli and dose filling quantities in accordance with the type of ravioli made. This ravioli maker is made with top quality materials all finished in stainless steel, hard wearing, simple to use and conforming to current legislation.
The pasta used in this ravioli maker can be made with any of our pasta makers.
Ravioli maker B90 characteristics
It uses two fresh pasta rollers which can be made with the whole of our pasta making machine range. On request an automatic pasta roller AV90 to form the rolls used subsequently in the ravioli maker. Is available. The ideal machine for use alongside BE90 is PM80 in terms of speed, compact form and ease of use. A vast range of moulds make the following possible: Ravioli 35×35 – Ravioli 50×40 – Ravioli 60×70 – Ravioli half-moons – Ravioli ø 60 – Ravioli ø 35 – Ravioli ▲70×70


Вес 34 кг
Габариты 40 × 26 × 66 см