Qui sommes-nous

GRANITTO ARREDI offers itself as a real partner for its customers, in a partnership approach across the board, not a traditional and rigid client – supplier relationship, but much more, because when you reach your goals, is renewed, you increase productivity and cut costs, how many you win both.

A success story

The history of GRANITTO ARREDI is full of experience. Founded in 1988 is a company that designs and markets professional equipment and furniture for the world of food.
GRANITTO ARREDI developed competitively their business, with great success, worldwide.

Advanced technology, research and development

GRANITTO ARREDI has always been a company that has a course the time, has adapted and developed more techniques and solutions with high technological content. Its mission is explicity proposing and developing together with his partner solutions that enable you to use the potential of fittings and fixtures with efficient use of the latest technology.

Increasingly innovative services and constantly oriented to the future.

In this way GRANITTO ARREDI creates opportunities for companies of decrease of operating costs, improvement of the efficiency and productivity through the adoption of tools and solutions on efficient business models.