Among the services offered, Italy Food Equipment, offers professional advice to Pizzerias.

The service is useful both for those who want to enter for the first time in this area, which for activities already started.

Our consultants are available to reach you anywhere in the world, to transmit their experience in the teaching of techniques for the production and the management of the dough and the baking of all kinds of pizza, in the most varied forms.

You can also organize a pizza cutting edge training your staff.

Choose one of the following modules:

  • Short, consulting lasting 3 days with the teaching of the art of mixing, maturation of the dough, manipulation classic pizza and baking.
  • Mid, consulting lasting 6 days with teaching the technique of the dough, the dough maturation to 72 hour, leavening, manipulation classic pizza and baking.
  • Full, consulting lasting 15 days with the teaching of the art o mixing, maturation of the dough to 72 hours, leavening, manipulation pizza classic and shovel, cooking with staff training.
  • Customized, customized according to your needs.

For more information, or to request a quote, please contact us.