Pizza oven EK4


One-chamber electric oven 4 pizzas
– electromechanical control
Power 4,5 Kw
Power supply 400V/3N/50Hz
Internal dimensions chamber 660x660x140h (mm)
Nr Chamber 1
Nr Pizzas 4 x diam. 30
Nr / Format of the trays 1 / 60×40
Dimensions 890x860x325h (mm)
Weight 82 Kg

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Pizza oven EK4

Electric oven baking for pizza restaurants and bakers. Cooking chamber in aluminized steel sheeting. Refractory rack. Counter-balanced opening door. Central inner chamber steam release. Resistance armoured in stainless steel. Protected internal illumination. Independent inner chambers with separate ceiling/rack thermostatic or electronic temperature control.
Thermic insulation guaranteed by the over thirty year experience in the design and construction of high-temperature ovens.


Support oven h 94 SEK4


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Weight 92 kg
Dimensions 98 × 98 × 60 cm